Ozone for Potabilization in DWTP

Ozone solutions for drinking water treatment plants

Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the ozone system for DWTP

What solutions do we have for DWTP?

Use Ozone in DWTP, improves water quality

Most drinking water treatment stations incorporate ozone in the purification process. Ozone considerably improves station performance. A PRE ozonation improves the effects of flocculants and coagulants, oxidizes heavy metals, reduces organic load, and settling will be more effective. In an INTER phase, ozone improves the performance of the filters, reduces the number of washes and lengthens their useful life, as well as continuing to reduce COD, BOD, turbidity, color, odour, SS; SD. Finally, it is used in the POST phase, as a disinfectant.

We offer the complete solution, ozone generator with refrigeration, ozone distribution and distribution system, contact chambers with diffusers, venting valves and ozone destroyer, measurement of gas and dissolved ozone, general electrical panel, with PLC and remote monitoring.

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Maintenance Service for DWTP

We offer our clients a preventive maintenance plan adjusted to their needs, so that their water treatment plant is always at full capacity. We are fast and efficient, with international coverage.

We repair and maintain ozone equipment of other brands.

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Service for engineering and prescribers

We are engineering, and we actively collaborate in the drafting of technical projects related to the design of the ozone system for the purification plant. Especially for public contest. We have extensive experience and can introduce a considerable number of improvements with respect to the standard projects that are currently carried out. Do not hesitate, contact us.

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