ZonoSistem installs an ozone generator for foliar treatment, to an important agricultural cooperative in French Provence

Start-up of a GZO20-DT ozone generator in an atomizer for fruit tree cultivation in France

Puesta en marcha de un generador de ozono GZO20-DT en atomizador para cultivo de árboles frutales

Last week our technicians and engineers traveled to Mouriès, a town in the province of Boca del Rhône located in the French Provence. Specifically, to visit an important agricultural cooperative in the area, made up of 10 farmers with some 300 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of hard-stone fruit trees (nectarine, peach and apricot). The cooperative intends to test a foliar treatment with ozonated water on only 2 hectares, with problems of fungi and insects above all, following up by the cooperative's agronomist until the conclusion of the harvest, which is scheduled for the end of August.

The commissioning of the GZO20-DT ozone generator was perfect, mounted on an old 2,000 liter sprayer that we previously cleaned. The well water is of good quality with a pH of 7 (a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution) and very little organic matter, with approximately 200 MV (Millivolts) of Redox. In a few minutes we managed to get up to more than 900 MV in the tank.

Inclement weather with a wind speed of more than 70 km/h made it impossible to test the sprayer on the crop, due to the fact that in France the regulations do not allow spraying with winds greater than 18 km/h. We have coordinated with the agronomist a plan for spraying with ozonated water, integrating it with the planning of traditional chemical products.

The factory has high technology with optical sensors, capable of processing some 8,000 tons of the cooperative's annual production in just 4 months of production.