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Ozone in cut flower, agricultural monitoring in relation to uses and benefits in this crop

October 2022 | 1317 views | Agriculture Foliar Irrigation Ozone |

ZonoSistem obtains a contract for the supply of ozone generators for two of the Mexico City DWTPs worth more than 1 million euros

September 2022 — 1 comment | 1408 views | DWTP Ozone |

ZonoSistem awarded in the first edition of the 'El Puerto Empresas' awards

May 2022 | 1658 views | Ozone |

Control and disinfect fungal and aflatoxin products with ozone

December 2021 | 1056 views | Agriculture Ozone |

Irrigation and foliar treatment of your crop with Ozone

December 2021 | 1057 views | Agriculture Laboratory Ozone |

ZonoSistem offers a solution for the Dollar Spot fungus "Sclerotinia homeocarpa" by treating it with ozone

December 2021 | 1038 views | Ozone |

Foliar treatment with ozone for the control of olive tree diseases

December 2021 | 1147 views | Agriculture Foliar Ozone |

ZonoSistem participated with great success in "ExpoFare" the most advanced irrigation technologies

November 2021 | 2262 views | Agriculture Foliar Irrigation Ozone |

ZonoSistem assumes the repair of the ozone generator of an important water treatment plant in Salamanca

June 2021 | 1103 views | Agriculture DWTP Ozone |

ZonoSistem manufactures an ozone generator for the disinfection of aflatoxins in organic seeds

June 2021 | 1024 views | Agriculture Ozone |

ZonoSistem attended the technical conference on the zebra mussel to present its experience and propose solutions with ozone

June 2021 | 1402 views | Agriculture Ozone |

ZonoSistem manufactures an ozone generator for an important producer of jams and compotes in France

June 2021 | 2390 views | Agriculture Ozone |

ZonoSistem sends 10 Ozone generators per year, for the disinfection of cooling towers to the Northwest of France

June 2021 | 1069 views | Cooling towers Legionella Ozone |

Third ozone generator for a major Coca-Cola bottling plant in Oujda, Morocco

May 2021 | 1070 views | Agriculture Laboratory Ozone |

ZonoSistem installs an ozone generator for foliar treatment, to an important agricultural cooperative in French Provence

May 2021 | 1027 views | Agriculture Ozone |

ZonoSitem renews and improves its laboratory for piloting water with ozone

May 2021 | 2307 views | Laboratory Ozone Pilotage Sewage water |

A study confirms that applying Ozone in agricultural irrigation produces beneficial effects for the crop

May 2021 | 1064 views | Agriculture Irrigation Ozone |

We manufacture 2 ozone generators of 150gO3/h for the elimination of surfactants in Sri Lanka, Indonesia

May 2021 | 1024 views | Ozone |

Ozone revolutionizes the wine sector, ozone treatment for the main diseases of the vine

April 2021 | 964 views | Agriculture Ozone |

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